Sixty seconds – Chapter 7

Just a quick update while I’m waiting for my lunchtime before I head for school: 

1. Skin is getting better. My chinese new year break was pretty awesome with my skin getting a lot better than before after applying a tcm cream recommended by one of my dad’s colleagues. I’m still going to reserve my thoughts on this cream though, I’m going to apply this for another two more weeks until my wounds heal so that I could stop using the cream fully to see if there are any adverse effects. 

2. Hair is falling in crazy amounts. This has been going on for weeks and my originally thick hair has become so thin and fragile that I simply don’t know what to say. The thing is, my scalp is not longer dry and flaky but oily. I don’t know if I should increase the frequency of washing my hair or do something else about it. 

Generally those were the major things that happened for the month. I am also busy with my revision for midterms for the past week though I wasn’t entirely productive. But now that I am feeling better, I should be focusing more on my academics so that I can do well for this semester and catch up with my grades while I still can. 

That’s all for now!