Sixty seconds – Chapter 5

I’m finally onto the 5th month of withdrawal! Hooray~ 🙂

During my absence on this blog I’ve been spending my new year quietly at home while mentally preparing myself for the Bangkok trip that lasted from 3rd to 8th Jan. I would normally be rather elated at the thought of going overseas, especially Bangkok, because it’s a shopping paradise! However, it was definitely a bad and disastrous trip for me. My skin screamed badly to be back home ever since I boarded the plane to Bangkok as the plane environment was super dry which irritated my skin badly. Also, I failed to take into consideration of the fact that my hotel room would not be as humidified as the environment I experience back at home. As a result, I suffered a lot along with my skin throughout the entire trip. Who can I blame but myself for my own negligence. Sigh. I guess I made the trip rather unenjoyable for my family as well as they saw how I suffered during the trip and they had to sacrifice their shopping time so that I could stay in the hotel room, specifically the bathroom where it has the most moisture in the air, and let my skin take a breather.

During and after the trip I’ve thought through quite a lot, and as a result I am currently not moisturizing my skin with any creams, balms, in hopes that it would make the itch more bearable for me to handle as I attempt to study from home for the new semester. I was always tempted to give moisturizer withdrawal a try but I refrained myself from doing so because I had to step out of my house pretty often and I thought that going through moisture withdrawal would make it unable for me to go out with my dry skin. However, I know that my skin could no longer tolerate the moisturizer as it would always itch crazily whenever I apply moisturizer to moisturize my skin. Hence, I finally resorted to stop using all moisturizers. I’m currently on my third day into moisturizer withdrawal and I am pretty happy with my decision. My skin feels less itchy, and I could sleep pretty well at night without having to sleep through the itch. However, I think I became more afraid of getting in touch with water as a result. After I showered the day before, the crazy itch sensation came back and hit me real hard. So I’ve decided to just shower once every few days if I’m not going out. Haha it’s really an irony when I come to think about it because I used to be a clean freak in the past but now I’m doing whatever it takes to stop my body from feeling the itch even if it means I have to make myself “dirty” to do so. But at the current stage, my priority is definitely itch >>>>>>> cleanliness. Who cares about being clean if I can’t stop scratching my body while keeping my body clean. I definitely can’t get any tasks done while I’m itching like crazy and I am determined to do well this semester.

Today’s also the start of a new semester! Let’s hope that I get to start and end this semester right~ 😀

Sixty seconds – Chapter 4.2


Merry Christmas everyone!! Hohoho it’s the season for everyone to spread their joy and love ❤ Although my family doesn't really celebrate christmas, it remains as one of my favourite holiday because I love the ambience that comes along with this festive season.

Also, sorry for the lack of updates for this month! I've been trying to spend my holidays wisely by watching lots of shows and playing lots of mobile games haha. 😅 My condition has been quite manageable although I am experiencing similar symptoms as the previous month. But I suppose the absence of schoolwork made it a lot easier for me to handle the withdrawal symptoms. I am actually shedding a lot of skin right now and I am still unable to sleep well for the past month but I am generally happy.

However, as the holidays is coming to an end soon, it means that I'll have to handle my academics once again for another semester. To be frank, I am slightly worried if it would turn out to be another semester 3 which was disastrous if I were to describe that semester in a word. I received my exam results yesterday, and although I fared a lot poorer than the previous two semesters, I am thankful to have passed all my modules. That being said, I can't help but to wonder how would my grades be if I didn't have to go through such ordeal. I hope that this makes me more motivated to do well next semester. Even though I would have a lot lesser time everyday to study, I just need to make those short study time as productive as possible.