Sixty seconds – Chapter 3.2

Since I am unable to fall asleep yet, and to prevent myself from scratching my body to pass time, I shall blog!


So today (or rather, yesterday), my father and I went to visit tcm. He gave me more medicine to drink each day because I told him that I was still itching badly both in the day and night. It started raining after we visited the sensei so we had lunch and shopped at fairprice while waiting for the rain to stop. And so, during the time when we were alone together, my dad kept telling me about how I should exert my self control to stop my scratching. Well, I can only say 说的容易做的难. I have been trying hard in telling myself to stop scratching every single time my skin itches but I always gave in to the pleasure I receive during those scratches. That being said, I will still try to exert more self control to stop scratching and prevent further skin damages but this is really something that I cannot promise to fulfill because I tend to scratch when I am under pressure and it’s the exam period now.

My dad understands that I gave myself too much stress already thus he tries his best to buy whatever food I want to eat, which is just anything with fish haha because I am controlling my diet right now in hopes of having a less inflamed body. So after the rain became more manageable for us to switch locations, he brought me to this mini cafe which was just opposite my house to enjoy a cup of hot milo. Just my little sinful pleasure for controlling my diet by not eating a lot of other food that I looooooooove heheh.


After that, he brought my family and I to parkway parade, our usual place to go to when we have sashimi for dinner. He said he wanted me to have a change of taste after eating just fish beehoon soup for several consecutive days. So I had sashimi and cha soba! It was absolutely delicious 😋 yummy. I am definitely blessed to have such loving parents, although I get irritated when they nag a lot, but they are also the ones that are willing to go that extra mile just to make me feel slightly happier or comfortable. I can never imagine going through tsw without them because it would have sucked a lot like hell. But I think they have pampered me in a way where I’m in a state where I cannot suffer much during this tsw process.

Enough of me talking about my parents, now that finals is roughly one week and three days away, I’m still far from prepared for it. I haven’t been able to sit myself down for the past few days to catch up on my webcast but I’ve been clearing my readings while trying to do stretches or simple leg workout just to keep myself from feeling itchy. I hope that I can start watching them from tmr onwards so that I will still have time for revision.

Sigh, I’m at the end of the entry but I’m still far from being asleep. Why isn’t the anti-histamine pills working??? Got to think of other ways to kill time now, goodbye 👋



On my way to school with my pink skin~ I’ve more or less gotten used to people staring at me from top to bottom, probably scrutinizing my skin and secretly judging me. Not hiding my skin with long pants not long sleeves today because my skin is flaking and I don’t like the feeling of my skin flaking onto my clothes 😐