Sixty seconds – Chapter 3.5


Just a short post because I am waiting for my skin to chill before I start revising for my exams.

Sweated a little last night while I was sleeping. I hope that means my skin is making an improvement. Well I did realise that my skin is becoming redder and more irritable for the past two days which is probably due to my menstrual cycle. Hopefully this upcoming flare would be a short one and hopefully it doesn’t affect my condition much during this critical exam period.

That aside, my dad just booked tickets for the family to travel to Bangkok next January. Yay to shopping but frankly speaking I am more afraid of how my skin would cope during the plane flight and I hope my skin wouldn’t flake that much during the trip because I can’t clean and vacuum it like how I handle things at home.

Alright, it’s time to study. Goodbye for now 👋