Sixty seconds – Chapter 3.4


Two of my close friends gave this to me as part of my birthday present as they hope that aromatherapy could help relieve some of my stress. Once again, I gotta emphasize how thankful I am to have such great friends despite myself being a guilty bad friend. I love them so much that I hope that I could do something to express my gratitude to them.

My condition for the past few days has been getting better in general, except that I am still itching very badly. I don’t know if that is due to the amount of stress that I am under nowadays but every time I itch and scratch, lots of dry skin shredded as a result. Some parts of my skin feels very smooth so I guess I am currently at my cool down period. But I’m afraid that it would be a short-lived one if I were to judge by my menstrual cycle. I hope that my skin can stay relatively calm before my exams ends just so that I can do well for my papers. I simply do not want the same thing that happened during my bio finals to happen again. It has caused by grade for that particular module to suffer so badly that I got so depressed upon knowing my results as I did put in the effort for that paper but my skin and the itch wasn’t being kind to me at that point of time. :/

I still have so much left to study but at least I could spend a little time each day to study which was a lot better than before since I was totally unable to settle down and study just a week ago. May this week be kind to me as I mug hard.

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