Sixty seconds – Chapter 3.3

I think I’ve found a way in distracting myself from the itch as I study! And it is……..

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Doing planks! Or any stretching exercises that stops many itch in general. But this would only be a good method when I am doing my readings. That means I still have to figure a way to stop my itch when I am writing or making notes while watching webcast. Looking on the good side, I can keep my body fit and study at the same time! What could possibly get better than this right?

Alright it’s time for me to continue my readings. Bye for now!



Headed out for lunch with my family today 🙂 Nowadays when I’m out for a meal, I would consume dishes that contains only veggies and fish. It’s like the safest option for me and my skin right now. Although I would settle for some sinful deserts right after, but I should completely deprive myself from all my favourite food or it would make me even more depressed.

Studied a little today which is bad because judging by my current process, I would never complete my revision in time for finals. Gotta squeeze more time out but my body clock and skin aren’t helping me out :/ Also I can’t sleep too late or my parents would start nagging. My parents have been nagging so much lately that I get frequently irritated by their nagging. It’s like adding additional pressure to the amount of stress that I am receiving right now and by right I shouldn’t be giving myself anymore stress. Although my dad says that he would understand if I don’t do well this semester, I am the one that is minding my results because I would feel even more dejected than before if I were to perform badly again. I just don’t like disappointing my parents.

Time to call for a day! Have been blogging frequently because I feel that it’s the only way my heart could feel better when I am not in a good state. Goodnight!

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