Sixty seconds – Chapter 3.1

Forgot to mention this in the other post: currently experiencing edema as well during this flare up which is most obvious at my ankles. My swollen ankles made it uncomfortable for me when I walk and tonight I discovered that my right toe is getting swollen as well. I hope it doesn’t spread to my other toes as well though because that would leave me with the possibility of wearing slippers out and I hate wearing slippers :/

Also, I realised that I am still probably subconsciously giving myself a lot of pressure regarding my academics. I don’t know why but I would always tear up whenever my dad talked to me about how my grades isn’t everything and it’s alright to not do well this semester. I guess being in a competitive environment made me more conscious about my grades and the desire to do well. And I don’t know how can I relieve this pressure. I know there are ways like yoga or meditating but I’ve tried meditating which failed pretty badly. In any case, finals are approaching and this certainly does not help in alleviating the amount of stress that I am experiencing currently. Hope that by attempting to prepare early for finals could at least make me feel less panicky as it approaches.

Also, I’ve changed the tcm sensei that I’ve been regularly meeting and I am more confident with this sensei as he really explained about my tsw conditions in details to my father. My parents had a hard time understanding why I’ve decided to stop steroid creams but I’m glad that at least now my dad knows the reason why. 🙂

Alrights it’s time to sleep! Hopefully I could wake up feeling great (which hasn’t been the case for a loooong time). A long school day ahead with assignments to complete! Fighting!!