Sixty seconds – Chapter 3.6

Finally ended my third semester in university! Spent my afternoon giving this blog a makeover and I’m pretty satisfied with the outcome 🙂

This week has been an emotional ride for me; broke down twice because of the itch and stress from finals. Even till now, I find it hard to control my itch. It’s just the feeling of having millions of bugs crawling under my skin that drives me crazy. I wished I could stop scratching but preventing myself from doing so only made me broke down in front of my family instead. I hate breaking down in front of anyone and I would always try to bear my tears until I’m alone but this time it was simply hard to prevent those tears from rushing out. Also, the itch forced me to stop my revision totally for one of my paper because of the state I was in at that point of time. As a result, I screwed that paper the next day.

Thankfully, I managed to revise for the last two paper with relatively calmed skin. Right after my last paper though, which was on Thursday night, I started flaring again. Currently experiencing red skin and rather intense itch all over my body. I hope that the duration for this flare would be shorter than the previous flare though since I am not really under much pressure right now. About to catch up with some movies and dramas soon! Yay~

I’ll also be updating my other pages to make them look nicer! Can’t wait 🙂

Sixty seconds – Chapter 3.5


Just a short post because I am waiting for my skin to chill before I start revising for my exams.

Sweated a little last night while I was sleeping. I hope that means my skin is making an improvement. Well I did realise that my skin is becoming redder and more irritable for the past two days which is probably due to my menstrual cycle. Hopefully this upcoming flare would be a short one and hopefully it doesn’t affect my condition much during this critical exam period.

That aside, my dad just booked tickets for the family to travel to Bangkok next January. Yay to shopping but frankly speaking I am more afraid of how my skin would cope during the plane flight and I hope my skin wouldn’t flake that much during the trip because I can’t clean and vacuum it like how I handle things at home.

Alright, it’s time to study. Goodbye for now 👋

Sixty seconds – Chapter 3.4


Two of my close friends gave this to me as part of my birthday present as they hope that aromatherapy could help relieve some of my stress. Once again, I gotta emphasize how thankful I am to have such great friends despite myself being a guilty bad friend. I love them so much that I hope that I could do something to express my gratitude to them.

My condition for the past few days has been getting better in general, except that I am still itching very badly. I don’t know if that is due to the amount of stress that I am under nowadays but every time I itch and scratch, lots of dry skin shredded as a result. Some parts of my skin feels very smooth so I guess I am currently at my cool down period. But I’m afraid that it would be a short-lived one if I were to judge by my menstrual cycle. I hope that my skin can stay relatively calm before my exams ends just so that I can do well for my papers. I simply do not want the same thing that happened during my bio finals to happen again. It has caused by grade for that particular module to suffer so badly that I got so depressed upon knowing my results as I did put in the effort for that paper but my skin and the itch wasn’t being kind to me at that point of time. :/

I still have so much left to study but at least I could spend a little time each day to study which was a lot better than before since I was totally unable to settle down and study just a week ago. May this week be kind to me as I mug hard.

Sixty seconds – Chapter 3.3

I think I’ve found a way in distracting myself from the itch as I study! And it is……..

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Doing planks! Or any stretching exercises that stops many itch in general. But this would only be a good method when I am doing my readings. That means I still have to figure a way to stop my itch when I am writing or making notes while watching webcast. Looking on the good side, I can keep my body fit and study at the same time! What could possibly get better than this right?

Alright it’s time for me to continue my readings. Bye for now!



Headed out for lunch with my family today 🙂 Nowadays when I’m out for a meal, I would consume dishes that contains only veggies and fish. It’s like the safest option for me and my skin right now. Although I would settle for some sinful deserts right after, but I should completely deprive myself from all my favourite food or it would make me even more depressed.

Studied a little today which is bad because judging by my current process, I would never complete my revision in time for finals. Gotta squeeze more time out but my body clock and skin aren’t helping me out :/ Also I can’t sleep too late or my parents would start nagging. My parents have been nagging so much lately that I get frequently irritated by their nagging. It’s like adding additional pressure to the amount of stress that I am receiving right now and by right I shouldn’t be giving myself anymore stress. Although my dad says that he would understand if I don’t do well this semester, I am the one that is minding my results because I would feel even more dejected than before if I were to perform badly again. I just don’t like disappointing my parents.

Time to call for a day! Have been blogging frequently because I feel that it’s the only way my heart could feel better when I am not in a good state. Goodnight!

Sixty seconds – Chapter 3.2

Since I am unable to fall asleep yet, and to prevent myself from scratching my body to pass time, I shall blog!


So today (or rather, yesterday), my father and I went to visit tcm. He gave me more medicine to drink each day because I told him that I was still itching badly both in the day and night. It started raining after we visited the sensei so we had lunch and shopped at fairprice while waiting for the rain to stop. And so, during the time when we were alone together, my dad kept telling me about how I should exert my self control to stop my scratching. Well, I can only say 说的容易做的难. I have been trying hard in telling myself to stop scratching every single time my skin itches but I always gave in to the pleasure I receive during those scratches. That being said, I will still try to exert more self control to stop scratching and prevent further skin damages but this is really something that I cannot promise to fulfill because I tend to scratch when I am under pressure and it’s the exam period now.

My dad understands that I gave myself too much stress already thus he tries his best to buy whatever food I want to eat, which is just anything with fish haha because I am controlling my diet right now in hopes of having a less inflamed body. So after the rain became more manageable for us to switch locations, he brought me to this mini cafe which was just opposite my house to enjoy a cup of hot milo. Just my little sinful pleasure for controlling my diet by not eating a lot of other food that I looooooooove heheh.


After that, he brought my family and I to parkway parade, our usual place to go to when we have sashimi for dinner. He said he wanted me to have a change of taste after eating just fish beehoon soup for several consecutive days. So I had sashimi and cha soba! It was absolutely delicious 😋 yummy. I am definitely blessed to have such loving parents, although I get irritated when they nag a lot, but they are also the ones that are willing to go that extra mile just to make me feel slightly happier or comfortable. I can never imagine going through tsw without them because it would have sucked a lot like hell. But I think they have pampered me in a way where I’m in a state where I cannot suffer much during this tsw process.

Enough of me talking about my parents, now that finals is roughly one week and three days away, I’m still far from prepared for it. I haven’t been able to sit myself down for the past few days to catch up on my webcast but I’ve been clearing my readings while trying to do stretches or simple leg workout just to keep myself from feeling itchy. I hope that I can start watching them from tmr onwards so that I will still have time for revision.

Sigh, I’m at the end of the entry but I’m still far from being asleep. Why isn’t the anti-histamine pills working??? Got to think of other ways to kill time now, goodbye 👋



On my way to school with my pink skin~ I’ve more or less gotten used to people staring at me from top to bottom, probably scrutinizing my skin and secretly judging me. Not hiding my skin with long pants not long sleeves today because my skin is flaking and I don’t like the feeling of my skin flaking onto my clothes 😐

Sixty seconds – Chapter 3.1

Forgot to mention this in the other post: currently experiencing edema as well during this flare up which is most obvious at my ankles. My swollen ankles made it uncomfortable for me when I walk and tonight I discovered that my right toe is getting swollen as well. I hope it doesn’t spread to my other toes as well though because that would leave me with the possibility of wearing slippers out and I hate wearing slippers :/

Also, I realised that I am still probably subconsciously giving myself a lot of pressure regarding my academics. I don’t know why but I would always tear up whenever my dad talked to me about how my grades isn’t everything and it’s alright to not do well this semester. I guess being in a competitive environment made me more conscious about my grades and the desire to do well. And I don’t know how can I relieve this pressure. I know there are ways like yoga or meditating but I’ve tried meditating which failed pretty badly. In any case, finals are approaching and this certainly does not help in alleviating the amount of stress that I am experiencing currently. Hope that by attempting to prepare early for finals could at least make me feel less panicky as it approaches.

Also, I’ve changed the tcm sensei that I’ve been regularly meeting and I am more confident with this sensei as he really explained about my tsw conditions in details to my father. My parents had a hard time understanding why I’ve decided to stop steroid creams but I’m glad that at least now my dad knows the reason why. 🙂

Alrights it’s time to sleep! Hopefully I could wake up feeling great (which hasn’t been the case for a loooong time). A long school day ahead with assignments to complete! Fighting!!

Sixty seconds – Chapter 3

A few more days before I reach my third month into tsw. Experienced a little of the cool down period that lasted a few days last week before another flare started again on Monday.

What I’ve experienced (& is still experiencing so far):
1. Red inflammed skin all over my body; my skin is pretty red this time round which made me pretty self-conscious as I felt as if I was earning stares from people for my red skin. I am going to start becoming my strict in my diet. Hopefully this slightly more anti-inflamatory diet could help a little for my highly inflammed body.

2. Burning sensation & shivers; I experienced burning sensation on my skin but it was not as bad as what I’ve experienced during my previous flares. Shivering, on the other hand, has been rather tough for me to handle, especially when I am outside. I would shiver whenever I am in class and it’s pretty bad since my body starts shaking rather badly in response. I also came out of my examination hall earlier than desired because I could not tolerate the shivers. :/

3. Itching; I’ve been itching, but probably not as bad as previous flares. There were times where I felt that I could control the itch but my lack of self-control often leads to major scratching time that is accompanied by skin coming off in scary amounts. My father would keep telling me to stop scratching but I would often end up scratching my skin even more 😦 But I am determined to exert a little more self-control each time my skin itches. I must have more self-control.

4. Very dry skin; my skin is more dry as compared to previous flares. Any moisturizer applied onto my skin would be absorbed immediately. This is pretty irritating when I wear clothes as my dry skin often results in skin flakes that could hook up with the material of my clothes. Also, dry skin equates to my skin being more tight and hard to bear.

I am always more emotional and depressed whenever I experience flare ups. I am not sure if it’s because my flares always coincides with major tests & exams, but I constantly felt that I am letting my parents, my sisters, my friends, and myself down for being unable to tolerate these hardships and concentrate on my academics. This past week, has been extremely tough on me especially. I am constantly tearing (or wanting to tear but kept my tears in as it wasn’t an appropriate place to cry). My academics have suffered tremendously this semester as a result. One slightly cheery information I read on the ITSAN forum was that my flares could be possibly related to my menstrual cycle which I’ve found to be pretty accurate. Thus, once this flare subsides, I would begin my revision early so that I could salvage my grades a little.

Actually I have a test tomorrow but I have been unable to study/prepare for it so far as the moment I start studying, the itch starts. Thankfully tmr’s test is a open-book test so I am content with just a pass for it.

Hopefully my next post would be a more cheery one. I’ve worried my parents so much for the past few months that I felt so guilty about it but at the same time, I felt a little helpless because they do not know what tsw is and despite me telling them about it, they could not understand my decision of stopping topical steroids. Although I completely understand them as they simply thought that topical steroids could end my suffering but I am more keen of getting rid of my reliance on them rather than to seek for a temporary relieve. Hopefully my condition could get better soon because seeing them getting so worried for me has got my heart aching pretty badly. </3