Sixty seconds – Chapter 2.2


As the haze condition in Singapore is slightly better than it was days before, my skin seems to be getting slightly better from the flare, despite it still being very irritating with the redness, burning & itching sensation.

Enough of complaining, this was meant to be a relatively happy post. Today a busy friend of mine specially came down to my place to drop me some green apples and lemons together with a letter she wrote to fuel my determination which really made my day because my skin wasn’t being kind. So it made me reflect a little on my journey so far..

Ever since I’ve started my journey as a red skin warrior, I’ve never really told a lot of people about my struggles during this difficult period. One of the main reason being that they would not be able to understand what I am really going through and the only way they could make me feel better would probably be cheering me up. However, that was what I did not want to hear during the first two months into TSW. I was extremely depressed during the first two months that I could do nothing but to keep thinking negatively and to hide from my friends in order to avoid interacting with people as I simply did not have the mood to do so.

Therefore… I was glad that I have a friend that didn’t mind my constant complains on whatsapp; I was glad to have friends that were understanding enough to not ask about the change in my skin condition; I was glad to have friends that were helping me to source for ways to heal my skin (although I told them that all I need is time); I was really glad and eternally thankful to know that I have friends that are truly concerned about me even though I feel like a bad friend for not fulfilling my duties as a friend during this period of time. Of course besides my friends, my family, especially my parents, were greatly concerned with my skin condition. I know how it hurts their heart when they see my red & awful skin yet they could do nothing to help me.

It makes me more appreciative of the people and things around me as I realised that I took too many things for granted in the past.

Even though there’s probably still a long way to go before my suffering ends, I feel that the amount of love I received could keep me going despite it being tough and mentally straining.

To all red skin warriors, you are not alone! Even though the tunnel you’re taking might be pitch dark right now, continue to believe in yourself and you’ll eventually walk out of that dark tunnel towards the light. 🙂