Sixty Seconds – Chapter 1

After much deliberation, I’ve finally decided to start a blog again! Yay? I’m not sure if I’m going to update this blog frequently but I’ll do my best to not let this blog wither and die with the lack of posts. 

The main reason why I’ve decided to start blogging again is probably because I wanted to keep track of my journey of being steroid-free. A little background info regarding how I’ve started using steroid creams – apparently my eczema worsened in my late teens, which was roughly 4 to 5 years ago, thus my parents insisted to bring me to the skin specialists to treat my eczema. The doctor prescribed topical steroids to treat my eczema which certainly helped a lot in controlling my eczema for several years.

However, my eczema became a lot worse since last year where even the prescribed creams weren’t doing a good job in controlling my condition. Whenever I went for my appointment hoping that the doctor could do something to help ease my condition, all she did was to just briefly take a look at my skin, comment that my eczema is under controlled, and prescribe the usual creams. This was when I contemplated to stop using topical steroids for good because I was under the impression that the doctor wasn’t being sincere with her examinations.

After a long 6 months, I’ve finally stopped using the creams for good. Of course, stopping the usage of topical steroids wasn’t without any pain – I experience flare ups very frequently, with the first few weeks being the toughest, both physically and mentally. I remember that I was constantly on a bad mood because I get annoyed easily. However, I was glad to receive some support from a good friend of mine and also, I have managed to receive some advice from another friend which motivated me to preserve on. Upon taking the advice, I went to consult a Chinese physician where I was told to restrict my diet by completely refraining myself from prawns and crabs (why prawnnnssssss :/). Also, she recommended me to follow a one-protein diet to help ease my condition.

Nearly three weeks have passed since I’ve first consulted her, it wasn’t a long period of time for me to see any huge improvements – I still experience flare ups (although they don’t feel as bad as before anymore) and my skin still itches from time to time. However, I’ve seen major improvements on my fingers, which used to look terrible with all the thickened skin and horrible wounds. 

I definitely need to put in more effort by moisturizing my skin more frequently and by drinking more water. It’s gonna be a long way before I can be proud and say that I’m mostly recovered but I hope that I can get constantly motivated by recording my progress down.